A saddle can be your horse's best friend...or it's worst enemy...

My Journey...

My name is Karen Loshbaugh and I would like to share my journey that led me into the saddle business.

I became interested in saddles and saddle fit the hard way.  I struggled with a saddle that kept running over my horses shoulders and restricting her movement and could find no one that could offer a solution.  She was becoming ill behaved while being saddled and it was obvious that she was uncomfortable. It became increasingly difficult to get her to engage and connect through her back. I was so frustrated at the lack of options in saddles and my constant need to buy different saddles every time my horse changed or I got a new horse. Continue...



My Solution...

There are many different saddle brands on the market and can be a mind boggling choice to make. It is important to me that a horse and rider has a saddle that is designed for comfort, protection, freedom and more.  It is important to me that I represent and stock saddles that allow me to serve horses and riders in the best way possible.

Peter Horobin Saddlery 

Schleese Saddlery

Both offer the best products for the horse and rider on the market with a full line of Dressage, Jumping, Endurance and Western Saddles!


My Service...

A saddle is only as good as it fits.  Having a qualified saddle fitter to fit your saddle (I am certified by Saddlefit4life since 2009) is just as important as the saddle you choose.  Taking measurements of your horse and tracking the changes is an undeniable advantage to keeping an optimum fit for your horse and the "sweet spot" for you!  

Having your saddle evaluated on a regular basis is a very important aspect of horse care...

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I'm very excited to be introducing (for the first time in the US) the StrideFree Saddles from Peter Horobin in Australia. His unique design started with the racing industry where his innovation in tree design was a success for the industry but more importantly for the horses. Peter's research into the effects of tree design on the horses ability to perform started with this concept.

Peter has successfully incorporated his StrideFree design into his Dressage, Jumping and Endurance saddles. The saddles are a wonderful blend of artistry and technology. The StrideFree tree has been tested for strength and comfort, check out the results!

Please visit Peter Horobin Saddlery for more detailed information.

If you would like to take a demo ride click here!

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Melbourne Jump


Melbourne Mono




Royal 2

General Purpose


Schleese Saddlery has been the forerunner in developing saddles specifically for women.  Their innovations, continuing research and education makes them one of the best at protecting you and your horse from damage or discomfort.  Schleese achieves this by having one of the most onsite adjustable trees on the market today.

Check out their gullet plate adjustability!

Jochen Schleese is also the founder of Saddlefit4life - accepted worldwide as the most researched and detailed saddle fitting guide.  Check out the Saddlefit4life 9 steps to saddle fit.


Schleese is also premiering their new Western saddle and their 30th Anniversary model the Tribute!

Dressage Saddles

Western Saddles

Jumping Saddles

Tribute Saddle