Saddlefit Evaluation

When I work with your horse, I use the Saddlefit 4 Life® evaluation protocol which uses scientific methods and measurements to fit a saddle to a horse not only standing in the crossties (static) but also with the horse and rider in motion (dynamic).  The analysis is based on veterinary findings about equine biomechanics and how a saddle affects a horse’s movement and soundness. We are dedicated to protecting horses from the kind of long-term damage caused by an improperly fitting saddle.  We also take into consideration the connection between saddle design and human anatomy and evaluate saddle fit to rider.

During the saddle fit consultation we will explain exactly how an ergonomic fit to horse and rider can improve comfort, performance, and communication.  And most importantly,  how it will protect nerves, muscles, ligaments, cartilage and the skeletal system of both.

Saddle evaluation includes:Karen Loshbaugh, Horse Trainer, Saddlefit Technician, horse vertebrae, woman, sunglasses

  • Measurement of your horse using 3 separate tools.
  • An evaluation of your horse’s basic anatomy.
  • Identification and analysis of saddle support area.
  • An evaluation of the current saddle (if you have one).
  • Measurement of rider.
  • An evaluation on how your current saddle fits you.
  • An evaluation of the static fit of your current saddle to your horse.
  • An evaluation of current saddle fit to your horse in motion.
  • Discussion of findings from the entire evaluation process, including dust pattern analysis.

We will then discuss your options.  If your current saddle passes the checklist then you are good to go, congratulations!!  You receive your evaluation report and are on your way, if it is determined that your saddle needs adjusting, re-flocked or repaired we then discuss what corrections are needed.

If you are a new client:

If you are a new Art2Ride Saddlery client please allow up to two hours for your first consultation and be prepared for a through, educational and informative session.  The procedure will be explained as it is performed and you will know the specific saddle support area for your horse, identify the 5 negative reflex points that a saddle MUST not impinge upon and learn to judge your own saddle for proper fit.  We will discuss the results of your dynamic fit including the dust pattern and fit in motion.

If you are unfamiliar with the line of the Peter Horobin or Schleese saddles this is also an opportunity to experience the difference in a saddle when you can custom fit it to your horse.  I will help you determine which model best suits the specific needs of you and your horse.  There is no obligation or pressure to buy, just experience!!

If you are an existing client:Karen Loshbaugh, Horse trainer, Saddlefit Technician, equipment

As a current Art2Ride Saddlery client needing a recheck of your saddle I will re-measure your horse (and you if needed), update your information, record any notable changes since your last visit, check the condition of your saddle along with the static and dynamic fit. We will discuss your horse's previous and current measurements and evaluate your dust pattern preceding the dynamic fit and determine what repairs/adjustments may be needed.


Saddle Fit Evaluation: $140 (allow for up to 1.5 hours for a routine re-fit, 2 hours for a new client and 3 hours to demo saddles)

Tree Adjustment: $125

Re-flocking: $100-$140

Discounted Service Bundle: $335 (Evaluation, Tree Adjustment, Re-flocking)

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