There are many wonderful saddles available that can be fitted to your horse perfectly the first time.  What happens when your horse changes or you change horses? What do you do?

Many of these saddles (if they can be adjusted at all) can be sent off to the manufacturer to be adjusted to measurements that you send to them. I've been there - done that. My saddle would be gone for about 30 days and when it returned it sometimes fit worse then it did before. I wanted a saddle that I could adjust the tree width and angle (which is most often what needs to be done as your horse changes, this isn't possible by flocking) right then and there.  No second guessing about the saddle fit for horse or rider - the ability to see how the saddle performs while the horse is ridden and the ability to make the changes needed - that day!  Plus a saddle of the highest quality that would last a lifetime. Taking all of that into consideration my top pick is Peter Horobin's Stridefree Saddles or Schleese Saddlery.